A division of Silgan White Cap and Silgan Containers, Silgan Equipment is a full-service equipment supplier and overhaul station, providing solutions for seaming, in-line capping, and vision inspection needs. We worked with the Silgan team to create a brand and web presence that stood out in the market place.

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  • 2010-2012
  • What was done:

    UX/UI Design
    Website development
    Art Direction

Its not just any cap,
it’s a Silgan cap.

Right: photography shot for website.

  • silgan-bottle

Silgan wanted to standout from competitors and tasked 11hundred to create a unique and engaging experience across all devices. We worked on devleoping an identity for the Silgan Vision line that incorporated the parent companies elements but was able to stand on its own.


11hundred App Design
11hundred Website Design
11hundred Chicago Graphic Design