Set in Chicago, post 2008 financial crisis, Scrappers follows two scrap metal collectors, Otis and Oscar as they work they way through the alleys of greater Chicagoland. Working within the typographical landscape of the subject matter we developed an identity system that worked in conjunction with the story being told.


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  • 2010-2012
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    UX/UI design
    Website development
    Packaging and poster design
    Film titles
    Typeface design

One of Roger Ebert’s ten best documentaries of 2010.

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We were able to access the wide library of b-roll and static imagery developed during the process of the film. Opting for full bleed photography and video allowed us to recreate the intimate portrait portrayed in the film. 

Initially launched in early 2010 Flash was employed to make the full-screen video accessible, two years later we updated the site to use HTML5 video. 


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